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If you are entering into written contracts without solid advice from an experienced attorney, or making an oral contract based on a handshake or friendship, you may be gambling with the future of your business.  Such agreements almost always have significant gaps and ambiguities and these can lead to costly and bitter disputes between the parties as each tries to demonstrate that their interpretation of the contract should be accepted by the court. 

If good fences make good neighbors then good contracts make good business partners. Whether the issue is a business purchase, a contract enforcement, an independant contractor agreement, operating agreement or shreholder agreement, it is vital that you receive the best legal advice you can find.

At the Law Offices of Clint Curtis & Associates we work to educate our clients about both the opportunities and risks of each contract. 

All Florida Law cases are supervised by Sylvain Robitaille, a Florida licensed managing partner of the firm and performed by Florida licensed attorneys.

All New York Law cases are supervised by Clint Curtis, a New York licensed  partner of the firm and performed by New York licensed attorneys.

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