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Clint Curtis
    Government Corruption
    Social Security Disability
    Veterans Disability
     International Law
     Election Law
     Technology Law
Sylvain R Robitaille
     Real Estate
     Personal Injury
Serena Kurtz
     Child Custody
     Family law
W. Patrick Westerfield
     Family law
     Administrative Law
     Loan Modifications



Because, We Care About You.

At the Law Offices of Clint Curtis and Associates we guarantee that you will be provided with personalized service from your Attorney. Many firms get lost in the business of providing legal services to their clients. They fail to return calls and often the client is never able to speak to anyone but a paralegal or receptionist. Many disability clients never actually meet their attorneys prior to a few minutes before their hearings. This is not the way that our firm practices law. Even though we have grown to several offices, including international offices, the client will always receive personalized service from their attorney. We require that our attorneys respond to any client inquiry on a timely basis and that contact will be from your attorney, not just the attorneys staff.

This means that you will be constantly informed as to the status of your case as well as be confident that we are providing you with the best legal services that we possibly can. Knowing your case and understanding your expectations will provide you with the peace of mind that you deserve in such trying situations.

All Florida Law cases are supervised by Sylvain R Robitaille, a Florida licensed managing partner of the firm and performed by Florida licensed attorneys.
All New York Law cases are supervised by Clint Curtis, a New York licensed  partner of the firm and performed by New York licensed attorneys.

As per NY requirements - This website is intended as Advertising