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Employment Law

Because, you deserve Personalized attention.

Employment law covers all areas of the relationship between employer and employee. This includes the hiring process, conduct in the workplace, employment evaluations, discipline, layoffs and termination. Federal and state governments have created thousands of statutes, administrative regulations, and judicial decisions to protect and empower employees.

Give us a call if you feel that you have been a victim of:

*Employment Discrimination
*Sexual Harassment
*Age Discrimination
*Disability Discrimination
*Family Leave Discrimination
*Employment Agreements
*Wrongful Termination
*Discriminatory Discipline
*Whistleblower Claims
*Wage and Hour Claims

While protections exist, many organizations and managers do not always abide by these laws. Frequently, the individuals in charge of following these laws are not even aware or their existence. Many times they ignore the laws because they believe the costs to be prohibitive. Neither lack of knowledge or willfully ignoring them, absolves them from their legal responsibilities.

The Law Office of Clint Curtis has experience with both private claims and with federal employee claims. In addition we also have experience with the Office of Special Council. This is a branch of Congress that protects federal employees but, while they do not directly address private contractors, their investigations can have major impacts of private government employers.


Camp Lejeune Assistance for our Veterans

Because, you deserve Personalized attention.

The large number of potential victims of the Camp Lejeune cases has resulted in many law firms treating their clients like a production line. These law firms are charging huge rates and have little to no personalized attention to the victims of the Camp Lejeune water poisoning. At the Law Office of Clint Curtis, we have been helping Veterans with their disability cases for over a decade. We guarantee that you will be provided with personalized service and that the fees charged will be the same low rates that the VA has prescribed for other VA Disability cases. These fees were not defined in the Camp Lejeune Justice Act and many firms are charging fees as high as 50% of the amount recovered.

Many firms get lost in the business of providing legal services to their clients. They fail to return calls and often the client is never able to speak to anyone but a paralegal or receptionist. Many clients may never actually meet their attorneys prior to a few minutes before their hearings if at all. You can be sure that we will respond to any client inquiry on a timely basis and that contact will be from your attorney, not just the attorney’s staff.

This means that you will be constantly informed as to the status of your case as well as be confident that we are providing you with the best legal services that we possibly can. Knowing your case and understanding your expectations will provide you with the peace of mind that you deserve in such trying situations.

Because of the substantial amount of time that will be required for each case, we are limiting the number of cases that we will be representing to just 25 victims. We are limiting our representation to Marines that lived on base at Camp Lejeune. This information may or may not be listed on your DD214. In addition, we are trying to help those victims that have terminal cancer caused by the water contamination as these veterans deserve to get their compensation while they are still able to enjoy it.

We are also pursuing legislation that will move terminal victims to a special consideration que. This already exists in most disability compensation programs but was omitted in the Camp Lejeune Act.

Clint Curtis has been providing assistance to veterans for over a decade. In addition, he concentrated on government corruption cases. With the immediate need to help terminal veterans, he is concentrating his practice on just the area of gaining compensation for victims of the Camp Lejeune tragedy that need the help the most.

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